Thank you to our presenters, sponsors, committee members, and volunteers.

Continuing Education

PPF2022 was approved to offer continuing education credits/hours for the Practitioner Forum Days (Sept 29 – 30), Public Forum Day (Oct 1), and Workshops (Oct 1) — through Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) and Canadian Psychological Association* (CPA).

The three PPF2022 workshops – Neuromeditation; Physicians Roundtable; Grof Breathwork — have been approved for a total of 22 Mainpro+ credits, pending final certification. We are currently inquiring about this process, so thank you for your patience.

*Wisdom Circle Events is approved by the Canadian Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists. Wisdom Circle Events maintains responsibility for the program.

Note: CCPA & CPA — If you paid for your CE/CME admin fee and attended and signed in/out of our event(s), you will be receiving your CE certificate (CCPA, CPA) via email, within two weeks after the conclusion of the event(s). If you have not received this by Oct 14, please email us at

Practitioner Forum (Sept 29 – 30): 14 CEC/CCPA or 14 CE hours/CPA

Public Forum (Oct 1): 6 CEC/CCPA or 6 CE hours/CPA 

Neuromeditation workshop: 6.5 CEC/CCPA; 6.5 CE hours/CPA; 6.5 Mainpro+ credits

Physicians Roundtable: 3.5 CEC/CCPA; 3.5 CE hours/CPA; 3.5 Mainpro+ credits

Grof Breathwork workshop: 12 CEC/CCPA; 12 CE hours/CPA; 12 Mainpro+ credits

PPF was able to offer CEs also for online/livestream attendees of the Public Forum Day; however, registrants had to have attended in real time/live on Oct 1st (attendance was monitored per audit requirements of the continuing education bodies). CEs are NOT attainable by watching the replay of the Public Forum Day

CE/CME admin fee  applicable.