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Hear from 16 presenters — Dr. Pamela Kryskow; Dr. Crosbie Watler; Dr. Shannon Dames; Emmy Manson; Paul Stamets; Tarzie McLean; Dr. Jean Paul Lim; Elder Geraldine Manson; Bryce Koch; Todd Haspect; Yasmeen Sadain; Dr. Georgina Martin; and Dr. Erika Dyck; as well as four patients.
Featuring concise presentations and Q&As —
  • Debunking myths about health care system; new models of healthcare
  • Blitz presentations from trailblazing organizations  Roots to Thrive, TheraPsil, Psychedelic Association of Canada, and Chacruna Canada
  • Blending Psychedelic Research and Indigenous Knowledges for Transformation
  • Physician perspectives – dispelling misconceptions about psychedelic medicines
  • Patients’ perspectives/ panel discussion
  • Recent Charter Challenge to legalize therapeutic psilocybin in Canada
  • Psilocybin and Neurogenesis: A Narrative for the Entourage Effect with Microdosing
  • Harm reduction and resources
  • Preparation, integration, set and setting, and group therapy
  • Above ground vs underground practices
  • Safety and ethics; opportunities and risks/red flags
Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum is the longest running psychedelic conference of its kind in Canada, and is unique today in that it is crafted for and co-created with practitioners, supporting, working, and training, in the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy.