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NeuroMeditation & Psychedelics Workshop:

Oct 1, 2022, 9am – 5pm

This workshop will place emphasis on how neuromeditation theory can help highlight, assess and support the various states of awareness that underlie the positive outcomes associated with meditative practices and psychedelic therapies. By reframing neurofeedback and neuromeditation modalities as tools to encourage “state awareness” there is great potential to combine them with the emerging psychedelic renaissance.  

Psychedelics are “state” shifting medicines; therefore, the use of neuromeditation inspired therapies, within the psychedelic framework, can help both therapist and client better acquaint themselves with the human capacity to state shift. Meditation and psychedelic inspired neurofeedback modalities offer a direct experience of how attention alters states, which can offer support toward preparing individuals for the psychedelic experiences; helping to reduce the preoccupation often associated with challenging psychedelic experiences, while simultaneously increasing a state experience of embodied allowing, associated with an increase in long term therapeutic change. 

This workshop will highlight and review the various techniques and practices shown to facilitate the five specific states of consciousness, at the foundation of neuromeditation theory (i.e., Focus, Mindfulness, Quiet Mind, Open Heart and Deep States). The approaches taught in this workshop can be used immediately, without any need for technology, to achieve deeper states of meditation. Participants will walk away with an introduction to a unique tool set that will guide mental health professionals toward a deeper understanding of how to assess and work with various meditation techniques.

The workshop will further outline how and why various meditation styles work with various mental health conditions, including ADHD, anxiety and chronic stress, depression, personality disorders, and PTSD. For those interested in technology driven applications of neuromeditation there will be an option to explore a wireless neurofeedback headset, alongside an app based interface developed by Divergence Neuro, in partnership with the Neuromeditation Institute. This experience will be available for individuals to try at various points during the conference and workshop. 

Workshop Facilitator

Heather Hargraves, MA., C.Psych.Assoc. (SP), NMI-3 is one of the core founders of Divergence Neuro, a cloud-based software platform that allows clinicians to offer neurofeedback and neuromeditation therapies from a distance. Heather is also resident scientist for Divergence neuro and a neuromeditation instructor with the NeuroMeditation Institute and the MIND Foundation. Heather works as a clinical and rehabilitation Psychological Associate in London, Ontario, Canada.

Heather specializes in the use of neuro and biofeedback technologies to support a broad range of neurologically and/or psychologically traumatized clients within her clinical practice. Heather is also trained in CBT and somatic based therapeutic modalities. 

Heather’s research interests investigate the neurological underpinnings of various states of consciousness, including dissociation, meditation, psychedelics and various polyphasic states of consciousness, associated with shamanic practices. Her master’s research focused on the therapeutic induction of altered states of consciousness, based on research findings related to psilocybin (i.e., magic mushrooms).

Prior to her training as a neurofeedback therapist Heather worked as a yoga and meditation instructor, as well as a reflexologist and Thai massage therapist. It was her personal experience with these modalities that inspired her to pursue further study as a therapist, with a focus toward understanding the neurological underpinnings of these mind/body therapies.

Currently, Heather is an advocate for the interface of neurofeedback modalities with psychedelic therapies, with an emphasis on the preparation and integration periods that bookend psychedelic therapies, once they are legalized. Divergence Neuro is a pioneer in this area of research and developing software to support these modalities within psychedelic clinical settings, as well as for home use with clients of these clinics. 

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