Thank you to our presenters, sponsors, committee members, and volunteers.

Post Forum Resources

Thank you to our PPF2022 presenters at the Public Forum (Oct 1) and to our facilitators and participants at the Practitioner Forum (Sept 29 – 30) for sharing these resources/links:

Accredited Academic Programs

Vancouver Island University, BC – Sept 2022

University of Ottawa, ON

Trinity Western University, BC – one course

Justice Institute of British Columbia – one course

Queen’s University, ON – to be announced

University of Toronto, ON – to be announced

University of British Columbia – BC – Psychedelic Research Lab – to be announced

Canadian Training Programs

ATMA Journey Centers




Phoenix Academy

Gabor Mate Compassionate Enquiry

Grof Legacy Training Canada

Michener Institute


North Star Ethics Pledge

Psychedelic Association of Canada

Code of Ethics

Harm Reduction

How to find a therapist

How to work through cancel requests

Inclusion, Diversity, Social Justice

Oregon Health Authority – Oregon Psilocybin Services

Holland Guild of Guides:

The Wheel of Consent 

Working with transference demonstration – Back from the Abyss Podcast (May 19,2022 with guest, Saj Rasvi)

Health Canada – Special Access Program

Majik Minds

Roots to Thrive
How to apply; Information for Physicians; Research; How to support/donate

Chacruna Canada – empowering marginalized voices

Cultural and Political Perspectives on Psychedelic Science
Women & Psychedelics Forum
Queering Psychedelics
People of Color Making a Difference in Psychedelics – Interview Series

Indigenous Reciprocity Initiative of the Americas

Psychedelic Justice: Toward a Diverse and Equitable Psychedelic Culture

Mujeres y psicodelicos (Women in Psychedelics – Spanish version) – 2023

Queering Psychedelics: From Oppression to Liberation in Psychedelic Medicine

Harm Reduction resources

Interaction of psychedelics and medications for practitioners

Info regarding combining psychedelics;
Harm reduction through education

Overdose prevention kit; toxic drug supplies issue
Naloxone training
(if live in BC)

Contact your pharmacist or public health office
(if live outside BC)

Drug testing

A Public-Health-Based Vision for the Management and Regulation of Psychedelics
By Mark Haden, M.S.W.a,b, Brian Emerson, M.D., M.H.S.C.c,d, and Kenneth W. Tupper, Ph.D.a

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