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Public Forum Day

Oct 1, 2022 – 9am – 5pm  (In-Person & Online)

Presentations & Q/As

Education, Information, Resources, Networking

This Public Forum Day is a full-day conference crafted for those who are curious about psychedelic-assisted therapies to treat PTSD, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain, and who want a quick yet comprehensive update on the lay of the land in BC and Canada. How are change agents in this field navigating Health Canada, and bringing this work above ground? What new models of healthcare are being implemented? What is entailed in the recent Charter Challenge to legalize therapeutic psilocybin in Canada?

This separate admission event consists of presentations, panel sessions, and Q&As – with a roundtable seating format – covering topics such as:

  • Debunking myths about health care system 
  • Blitz presentations from trailblazing organizations  Roots to Thrive, and TheraPsil; and from Psychedelic Association of Canada, MAPS Canada, and Chacruna Canada
  • Physician perspectives – dispelling misconceptions about psychedelic medicines; promises and challenges
  • Patients’ perspectives/ panel discussion
  • New Models of Healthcare, and navigating Health Canada
  • Blending Psychedelic Research and Indigenous Knowledges for Transformation
  • Psilocybin and Neurogenesis: A Narrative for the Entourage Effect with Microdosing
  • Harm reduction and resources
  • Preparation, integration, set and setting, and group therapy
  • Above ground vs underground practices
  • Safety and ethics; opportunities and risks/red flags

Who should attend?

Multi-sectoral – Patients – Advocates – Students – Family physicians – Mental Health and Addictions – Nurses – Social workers – Integrated/alternative healthcare providers – Insurance and funding – Above ground and under ground practitioners – Indigenous representatives – Government, ministry representatives – Media representatives

Featuring 20+ presenters

including Paul Stamets

Presenters and panelists include Dr. Pamela Kryskow; Dr. Crosbie Watler; Dr. Shannon Dames; Emmy Manson; Tarzie McLean; Dr. Jean Paul Lim; Elder Geraldine Manson; Bryce Koch; Todd Haspect; Yasmeen Sadain; Dr. Georgina Martin; Dr. Erika Dyck; and 4 patients

In-Person Ticket

PPF events incorporate a roundtable seating format to facilitate networking and dialogue. Ticket Includes a community lunch and two coffee/tea breaks

Student: $129 CAD + GST

Regular: $155 CAD + GST

Online Ticket

Participants can opt to attend virtually, and can access the video recording for up to six months after the forum. Note: If you are acquiring CEs, you will need to attend in “live” time.

Student: $55 CAD + GST

Regular: $75 CAD + GST

Delivering our livestream broadcast:

Note to counsellors/therapists:
5.5 CEC approved/CCPA;
5.5 CE hours approved/ CPA