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Post-Forum Resources

Training Programs

CIIS CPTR 2021 program

Sage Institute

Fluence Psychedelic Training

MAPS Public Benefit – Training

Grof Legacy Training – Canada

Therapsil – Training application

Synthesis Institute

Inclusivity, Unsettling-decolonization, Reconciliation, Conflict Resolution Resources

Core Indigenous Safety (ICS) Mental Health Training (on traditional unceded territories of Coast Salish first people // Vancouver Island, British Columbia)

The Village Project // Reconciliation Project – Journey of Our Generation (on traditional unceded territories of Coast Salish first people // Vancouver Island, British Columbia)

Psychedelic Seminars: Psychedelic Community and Racial Justice Webinar Series (FREE)

People of Color Psychedelic Collective

The Sabina Project: Black-led psychedelic education, training and harm-reduction

The Sabina Project:  Psychedelic Anti-Racism Workshop Series

The Centre for Optimal Living: Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care Program // Psychedelic Program Series (by-donation; CEs available)

Addressing Patterns of Violence in the Psychedelic World, Part 1: Patriarchy, Racism, and Colonization (recording)

Psychedelics and Substance Use Issues: (recording)

Addressing Violence in the Psychedelic World Part 2: Healing from Community Harm  (live event Dec 2, 2020 – recording available after)

Canadian Psychedelic Association Webinar // The War on Drugs: The Origin and the Impact

Resmaa Menakem – Free 5 Session Cultural Somatics E-Course 

Woke Without The Work, an online workshop for Non-BIPOC Herbalists, who are seeking to move beyond optical support of our communities, towards active, tangible, and embodied practices

Energetic Justice // EJ is a community of white people who want to grow at the intersection of healing, spirituality, + justice as we weave into the intergenerational fabric of anti-racist and decolonial movement.

Energetic Justice // Free resources


KAP Resources

Reading Material & Books

Other Resources